what this little girl is made of (and this phrase {which is a play on that old rhyme about little girls} ends in a preposition, which really bothers me).

so, people started throwing up around here, including me.  in fact i can't remember the last time i tossed my cookies that many times in a 24-hour period.  so the video-a-day thing?  it died and was buried in a shallow, unmarked grave of vomit-soaked laundry.


but gastroenteritis couldn't stop my saucy little filly from turning two.  indiana's favorite phrase of the year: "no i don't want it!"  ...you've got to say it with major attitude and a pinch of venom.  and i'm pretty sure she has trained her body to vomit on command, effectively taking the "let her cry it out" approach right out of my quiver.  but then there's this side of her that will lovingly try to mother any living creature who/that appears to be even a hair shorter than she is.  and then there's the way she gets so excited to see me after i've been away, even if i've only been gone for five minutes.  and sometimes she can't stop kissing my face and earnestly telling me she loves me.  and she sings and dances with wild abandon because her wee body just has to Free the Joy, People.

sugar and spice and everything nice... i totally get it now.  i am so in love with this little girl.







happy birthday, bits!


Savanna said...

Taking those shopping carts everywhere is deep in the Burton family genes. It's time to follow suit, Indie. Love you!

Corinne said...

It sounds like your Indiana and my Ada have quite a bit in common. Never a dull moment--lucky us. Happy Birthday!

Lindsey said...

she's beautiful! and so spunky, i love it. happy birthday indiana!!!


mb said...

wasn't it just like 5 minutes ago when you guys lived here and she was born?

Jill said...

happy birthday, little lady! and excuse me, is indie wearing gold pants? amazing. why can't her and jude be bff's? they are a match made in heaven.

Unknown said...

i am desperately in love with your posts! and that little girl of yours, well she just melts my heart! little girls just are so fun :) i am hoping y'all are better now, and p.s. cute cake!

Chelsi Lasater said...

She is precious, but sassy...which is perfection. Also, can I borrow her gold pants? The cake is beautiful! Happy birthday, Indie!

Jill said...

I love, love her cheeky grin. Happy Birthday Indiana!

noelle said...

wait... did i never comment on this? she is so beautiful. and god made her high-spirited so she could sassafras all the unworthy boys away. happy birthday, sweet baby girl.

old me.