i hrt texas.

a few months ago my dad asked me if i genuinely liked living here in dallas.  i responded with an emphatic "YES,"  and illustrated below is reason #82 why i think texas is great: the kids and i aren't shut-ins in january.  (i'm still having nightmares about the winter of 2010: new york city, {touchy} newborn, snow, stroller, baby bjorn, mice, snow, ice, snow, temporary insanity.)

and having kathryn and quinn in town also makes for an extra sunny january day.


Ashlee said...

Love it! Makes me smile to see those adorable kiddos and some Texas sunshine !

Abbie said...

i'll be there in a minute.

k. said...

I still have feelings of guilt over not being a better friend to you that winter. Now that I've mothered a spirited baby, I really should have just come & slept on your couch for a few weeks, or at least adopted Fox for a month.

Also: Indiana could be a super model going down that slide.

Kari said...

Yeah, but we're shut-ins in the summer!

Oh hi, I'm a lurker that's coming out to comment now. I know Dana Smith (from living in Ogden) and Chelsi Johnston (from going to USU) and somehow found your blog a while back and thought you were funny, so I've kept on reading! I'm originally from Arlington, TX, but now I'm living in the north Austin area. Last summer was ROUGH.

noelle said...

that girl above me is from austin? and she thinks last summer was rough. we are suicidal living here in houston. yet another beautiful, heartwarming video, erinita. please never stop.

old me.