there's no cohesive title for this one.

going hunting for pictures on my external hard drive always takes 94 times longer than i think it will because my external hard drive is basically a giant, folder-less black hole into which i toss pictures of everything from synth cat here:


to pictures of east 88th street and york ave:



first, i feel like i need to explain synth cat.  and i honestly can't tell you where this picture came from or why i have it other than the fact that i really like moog synthesizers and maybe i thought this jpeg would make a funny t-shirt.  you're scared now; i get it.

but can i tell you how glad i am that i took these pictures of my little corner of nyc?  especially while it was uncharacteristically sparkling clean?  since those pictures were taken back in '09, our belongings have bred like rabbits to the point where i can't even remember how in the world we weren't living like hoarders in that joint.  in these pictures i am doing a really good job of pretending to be organized.  i need more order in my life.  i should start with the hard drive (bad news for you, kitty).


Net said...

I have no words for the cat on the keyboard. ... Speechless.

Your apt, on the other hand, is incredible! I've always meant to ask how you were possibly able to fit into a City apt WITH a kid?! I figured you had to be a minimalist, but then you also have such fun decor (dog pic, giraffe statue, move-y man thing). What do you with it when you change things up? Do you hold on to it or just constantly recycle things in and out? Speaking as quite the hoarder myself, I am seriously puzzled.
Oh yeah, LOVE the colors! esp. the brick next to the yellow, and the lime w/ the b&w checkered floor. Love it.

k. said...

88th street! Those photos pull at my heart. We were walking distance! Those were happy times.

And your apartment, for the record, was always clean & orderly.

Alyson said...

ah, we loved visiting your small corner of nyc. it seems like forever ago that we visited with fox was just a wee baby. i remember you explaining his room as 'not quite a room, but not really a hallway either.'

and i agree with kathryn. always orderly and clean. and i totally envy your organization skills.

thank you for introducing me to black and white cookies. my thighs might hate you, but my taste buds sure don't!

noelle said...

there's something i want to say about synth cat, but i can't really put my finger on what that is exactly. it'll come to me.

your nyc apt was darling. and is that fox sleeping in the pack 'n play with the light on?? how?? my kids are such light, high maintenance sleepers, bruce and i are like ninjas when they are asleep.

old me.