from the ePhone.

it was a day.  it started with an F-5 indiana tantrum that ended in vomit (and in her carseat, no less... it's her favorite place to lose it), and ended in a trip to run errands by myself after 7PM (which is a really rare, really good thing, but as i was in the dressing room i noticed that my nasty yoga pants had a hole in the crotch, and my mascara was everywhere but my eyelashes).

so these are happier times:


photos top to bottom, left to right: "khaki" and the kids, skirts in january, the legostore, post-tantrum, bedheads, spidey, burton family address roll sign, indie's self-discovery, and...

well, the last picture deserves more than a quip.  while we were at the park yesterday, this guy comes up from the riverbanks (where the feral hogs loiter) with this honkin' catfish speared on a stick.  i'm guessing from the crusted dirt all over the creature's scales that he put up a decent fight.  "it's good meat," the fisherman claimed.  especially if you like the taste of garbage, i thought.  that river is about as sparkling fresh as a honeybucket.  then after he let the kids gawk for a minute, the dude tossed his prize, stick and all, onto the bed of his pickup and headed home for the frying pan.  so this is just a reminder for you to bring your passports when you come for a visit.


RSP said...

Wow, I didn't realize you've lived so many places! And we've actually lived in a lot of the same places, although your list is more extensive and exotic. AND as fate would have it, I think our next stop is Texas. You're selling me on it.

k. said...

I think we had matching days. Although vomit > just about anything else, really. You win.

i'm calling you as soon as the hour is more reasonable. I hope your mama is letting you sleep.

Savanna said...

that address thing is neat. when i have a few more addresses, i'm going to copy you. aannd that last picture. gross but believable. "them are good eatin' fish"

noelle said...

many of your days have ended in vomit lately... or is it just me? vomit always feels so catastrophic to me. like... pee in the carpet? that's bad. your kid's poop gets on your shirt. okay, sick. but vomit? i just feel like that means things were seriously and epically tragic.

back pat, friend. back pat.

Talia Jensen said...

love this, and the new layout :) that fish is something else... something else.

Unknown said...

and this is why i love you :P always keepin' it real my friend. i gotta say you still have style even on the bad days :)

old me.