weekend update


-- hello, salt lake city. 

-- kids with grandparents: check. a relaxing (riiiiight) weekend ahead!

-- redrock brewery is delish. where have you been all my life, caprese sandwich?

-- kouing aman croissant at les madeleines bakery: my new, more sophisticated sprinkles cupcake disguised as a breakfast item.

-- conversation from themiddleofnowhere 1-80:
matt: "i want to stop at this rest stop and look at the view."
erin, confused (view??): "...so you can kill me and dump my body?"
matt, totally serious: "no, erin. you'd never decompose out there on the salt. it'd be a terrible place to dump a body."
that's comforting.

-- sorry little fella.

-- i can't think of any major natural disasters that plague northeastern nevada. so that's good.

-- the pacific time zone?!  i'll be jiggered.

-- iPod serendipitously chokes up "bust-out brigade" by the go! team as we catch our first view of elko. i needed that... let's kick some elko real estate ascot!

-- the preschool looks like a lot of fun. happy heart.

-- diggin' the ugly/cool 70s era buildings.  bring camera next visit.

-- slowest subway restaurant chain in the continental US.

-- but someone in line just bought a sandwich for a homeless man. good folks here.

-- i forgot that people smoke in their homes. oh dear. "don't judge a book by its cover" just took on new meaning.

-- wow. we need a pickup truck. and four wheel drive.

-- the ruby mountains are beautiful.

-- word on the street: costco was on it's way to elko and then pulled out--anguished scream!

-- dos amigos white queso--welcome to my weekends for the foreseeable future (thanks, kari!)

-- two movie theaters here--expectations exceeded! hunger games!

-- peeta is a weenie, and the scene where his face pops out of his camouflage paint job weirded me out. team gale.

-- so maybe no natural disasters, but i can't help but think the dreams i've been having about aliens and UFOs are not coincidental.

-- most awesome, pristine mid-century home: why are you just outside my budget? and why can't you follow me around the world so i can have you forever? weren't you in the incredibles?

-- note to self: it's okay to drive ATVs on surface streets here.

-- great home, but not sure how i feel about the dirt bike trails right outside my back door.

-- i just got really excited to own grass. nice grass. un-texas, fireantfree grass.

-- there's a thriving chapter of the "grown adults dressed up in children's superhero costumes and fighting with foam swords" club here in elko.

-- happy birthday, chubbs!

--kirt's drive inn in nogden: mushroom swiss melt burger washed down with a root beer freeze.  north ogden forever.  (after re-reading this post i feel like i should stick to salads this week.)

-- remind me to never book a 6:05AM flight ever, ever again.  (salads.  and spin class.  definitely.)

-- DFW is the best airport in the entire universe.

-- hello, 80degreesinmarch dallas. i am really going to miss you.

general feeling: hopeful. everything will be okay.


Kylie Whiting said...

north ogden forever is RIGHT. there is nothing quite like a root beer freeze at kirts.

Jill said...

i liked this post. you got this.

Jill said...

home found, check! it sounds like your tour was successful. i had no idea elko was in the pacific time zone. i love ugly/cool buildings. this is going to be good.

k. said...

Pacific time zone?! This stresses me out. Deep breaths, K. Deep breaths.

Also, we went to the pediatrician this morning & he made sure to remind me to remember bug spray ANY TIME WE GO OUTSIDE. Because the bugs in Texas are poisonous, of course. Shoot me dead, please.

Ben and Camille said...

first-so fun to meet you in person. totally felt like meeting a celebrity. second-congrats on this new chapter, you guys will do great. good luck with all the changes!

team gale!

old me.