-- there is a women's roller derby league in elko.

-- two thirds of my favorite movies of all time involve female empowerment and/or sports and/or drew barrymore.

i have a somewhat educated hunch that joining a roller derby team isn't as easy as signing up for beginner hip hop classes at the 92Y, but i'm having a major ellen-page-whip-it moment right now.  i hope i find my kristen wiig in NV.

and.  if we can't be in texas, at least i'm in utah for a bit where i can liberally slather my feelings in fry sauce before eating them.


Jill said...

If you join that roller derby team you can guaran-damn-tee that I will drive myself + my hellian children to elko and see you clothes-line some chick on rollerskates. Believe that.

I would snort a line of fry sauce if I could. UT's cocaine. Maybe that stuff goes down in the OGD?

Talia Jensen said...

if you are referring to whip it, then we are one in the same. that is my favorite movie of all time. so glad to see you at the wedding. perhaps again soon too?

Kari said...

My favorite Drew movies because I know you were curious:
Ever After
The Wedding Singer
Donnie Darko
50 First Dates is pretty good, too
Never Been Kissed
Riding in Cars with Boys

Remember when Drew was married to Tom Green??

Please join a roller derby team.

Carly said...

Maybe I could get you my gear from All Hallows Eve...

dani said...


i love fry sauce too.

like it sounds really good.

right now.

we need to get together dammit.

call me.

plus i love your craigs lists finds.

and i am glad none of them were the craigs lists killers.

dani said...

true story....

i cried when i moved from pocatello.

i really did.

k. said...

I say what Jill says, but even more cleverly.

Is cleverly even a word?

In a more clever fashion.


What she said.

Love you.

noelle said...

what's going on here? are we supposed to comment in poetic form? here's my haiku then:

with erin on skates
and the burton clan in town,
elko's the bomb dig.

hurry up and post more. i'm on the edge of my seat for those roller derby team pics.

audrey said...

more haiku love.

entitled: slathered in fry sauce.

what would erin do?
pull on skates and grab her cam!
roller derby vid!!


Corinne said...

do it

vankahackert said...

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