final countdown.

things are getting really real over here.  one week left in dallas.  i'm a little weepy, especially after this happens:

me:  "fox, this is your last week of preschool, so you've got to have a really good time with your friends and teachers before you go."

fox:  "but i don't want to leave my preschool."

me, a bit over-the-top:  "but fox remember how we're moving to nevada?!"

fox:  "but i just can't get dallas off my mind, mom."  (this phrase kills me, like he's 19 or something.  i don't know where he gets this stuff, but it's good.  like last week when he was hanging on our car's passenger's side mirror and matt told him the mirror would break if he did that, and fox told matt it was okay to do that if we had mirror insurance.  oh... right.)

me:  "i know, should we make a little note to give to your friends and teachers with your new address so they can send you letters in the mail?"

fox:  "ya, mom!  when i go to sleep will you write a little note for my teachers and friends to come visit me in mo-vada??!"

this is the part where i lost it.  i'm sorry if this does not invoke even the smallest buds of tender feelings in your soul (you need to get checked), but i had to hide in the bathroom, say a prayer that there was a little friend waiting for fox in elko, and wipe my tears and blow my nose.

but we've been there, done that.  this is not our first rodeo and most certainly not our last.  fox will be just fine; i know this.  the part that triggers my sobs is that fox probably won't remember a lot of these wonderful dallas days and good buddies.  and that, right there, makes my heart hurt.  the people he's loved over the last year and a half will eventually only be remembered through photographs, just like his NYC crew.  and whenever i think about how our favorite NYC (and eventually dallas) homies have been forgotten in my four year old's head, i cry.

saying goodbye is for the birds!!!  will we ever stay in one place?!  whoever said that this stuff gets easier the more you do it was a dirty rat-faced liar.

so, back to me hiding in the bathroom... not five seconds later, the eccentric pixie indiana fe, in the midst of her young girl song and dance variety hour, gave me a big, sweet, unsolicited hug.  that girl is the stink to my cheese... she always knows when i'm feeling low.  if nothing else she'll have a bright future with the psychic friends network.  


Jill said...

good luck Burtons! eat at your favorite restaurants and brush up on your online shopping skills. small town fun ahead. :)

Becky said...

Oh man I just got a lump in my throat reading this myself. I kind of feel the same way about moving from NYC to San Antonio. Caden is so shy I'm so nervous about him leaving his best friends here and trying to make new ones. I too pray that there is someone there that will take him under there wings and get him to open up. You guys will do great though! Everyone loves the Burtons! They are certainly lucky to have you!

Holly said...

I hear ya in the not getting easier part. We're now living in our seventh home in our ten years of marriage. Poor Miles won't remember any of his life here in Italy.
I'm sure Fox will make new friends, he seems like such a charmer! When we get weepy about moving and leaving friends I just thank God we live in the digital age so we can at least keep a virtual tab on our long lost friends.
Good luck in Elko!!

Jill said...

This is sad. But you always adapt quickly and make the best of your sitch. And Fox! "but I just can't get dallas off my mind, mom."?! Dying. He is a sweet boy.

And I love that our little babes know when we are feeling down. Every time I let out a sigh, Jude and Wyatt's heads zip around and they say "What's wrong, Mom? Are you ok?" Thanks, HF, for giving us sweet spirits.

Lisa said...

Erin, I just stumbled onto your blog through someone else's and wanted to say good luck in your move!! I'd love to hear what this next adventure is all about! I feel ya though, I am basically counting on not being anywhere for more than 2-3 years (if we're that lucky!) for the next decade. Who knows, maybe that will change but those are the expectations I'm setting. Moving stinks, and it really does break my heart that Eli won't remember Texas which will always hold such a special place in my heart! Fox is such a cutie, he will do great! Fun to find your blog!

Chelsi Lasater said...

You are in my prayers!

Leandra said...

Well since I already told you in person today that I stalk you I might as well make it known here :). I will so miss you! Even though we've only been here like 3 months I've always liked you and thought you were just the best and the cutest! And hopefully in your new place, there will be someone who is as nice to you as you were to me when we came! :) xo

Unknown said...

Elko! Wowzers! I'm excited for you guys! I know it is hard to leave people behind, but just think of all the adventures you will have waiting for you! With those cute kiddos, there is no way they will have problems making friends fast! Good luck, Erin! So excited for you guys! :) xo

k. said...

Pretty sure you guys pick up new nearest & dearest wherever you go, & now you've got this gigantic Burton Fan Club following your every move around the world. Fox will make new friends to add to his collection in a snap, I'm sure of it. And if it takes a little while, that's okay too - because he's got a really great mama.

Wish I could hold your hand & just come with you for the first few months or something. Moving is H-A-R-D. And this goodbye business with birds, absolutely. Gah.

John and Jenny said...

It seriously sucks! But it is also great and even good for you. Good luck this week. I will be thinking about you and even praying for you. You will be missed.

noelle said...

golly, that fox is so handsome.

old me.