the wild west.

the other day i called up some auto shops in town to find out where i could get an emissions test and inspection done.  i posed my question, and the woman on the other end of the line sat there in silence for a moment then asked, "what do you want to do, honey?"  i explained i was new here and desired to register my car with the state, and she explained that all i needed to do was show up at the dmv and get my car inspected there.

oh.  okay.

so i did, and the "inspection" consists of a state employee making sure the VIN isn't scratched off your car.  so let us review: in elko county we have legal prostitution, gambling, no state taxes and your car can be choking out enough poison to asphyxiate a large animal standing behind the exhaust pipe.  live free or die, baby.  this place makes texas feel like a socialist country.

and we're thankful for otter pops.



Melanie said...

I am cracking up. What a 180 from NYC. Your life is so interesting.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Cool pergola and lights!!

Lacy said...

The pergola and deck look great! Gotta love a place that makes Texas look like big government!

k. said...

Your porch! It will be so great.

At least you didn't have to wait in a room full of sweaty illegals for three+ hours (is that terrible to write?? it's late & my judgment may be off). Hidden blessings in Elko.

Jill said...

That is fantastic! God bless Elmo.

ps. Is this the porch that Matt whipped up? If so, I need to have a few words with Sean about our "back porch."

Unknown said...

Finding the humor in good ol' "heaven" ;)Miss you Erin, love the updates! Hilarious :)

old me.