just some strong feelings of dislike.

i wouldn't call myself an overly dramatic person.  on a scale of janet reno to LiLo, i'd say i'm somewhere in the middle.  so when i say my neighborhood has been straight. up. Springer. for the last week, you can say a prayer of thanks in your heart that you don't live next door to me.  so that sitch, combined with a few other hopefully insignificant moving-pain-thorns in my side, pushed me over the edge yesterday, and fox had to hold me and stroke my hair to get my the tears to cease.  that's not a lie.  okay so maybe i am dramatic.  but what a sweet boy!  seriously!  and he wanted to pick some flowers for me except for there are none around here.

every move we've made has brought with it such different learning curves and challenges, but this move may be proving to be the trickiest.  maybe i feel differently because this time around we can't just pick up and move like we've always done.  we own.  we own sand in the desert (that we've just covered with beautiful, green, expensive sod), and we honestly don't know how long we'll be here.  that scares me some.  no, it scares me a lot.  the stationary part.  and maybe it would be a little easier to swallow if we were stationary in one of my favorite places in the world, but elko ain't on that list today.  which means this 'hood drama?  i've got to figure out a way to make it okay.  and right now all i can think to do is some mighty heavy prayin'.  

so there it is, amigos.  the latest from northeastern nevada.  any advice on how to deal with a few unsavory neighbors would be much appreciated.  

and i have the best friends in the universe.  just so you know.  most of which don't live within a 1000 mile radius of me.  

do i complain too much?  i do.  have i mentioned i love my house?  i do.  and someday it will have furniture in it.  i hope.

traditional end-of-post iphone pictures of the progeny:



top knot and neon.  peas are hot right now too, you know.


Lacy said...

Hello Indiana the teenager! How did she grow up that much in the last month?!?

We miss you guys! I want to come visit soon and we can peek through the blinds at the neighbor show together. Hang in there!

Jill said...

Ugh. My previous handling of bad neighbors has just been to hunker down or pound on the wall. Not useful here. Not fun!

Your house looks pulled together to me! And I'm loving the top-knot on Indiana.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Oh man, bad neighbors are the worst. Just the worst. We've been plagued with them our entire marriage and I still have no advice to give. I think we've just learned to shut our blinds and ignore.

I shall send you a copy of RAD to lift your spirits. Just send me your address and then once we move & I have time to burn, it shall be done.

Lindsey Walker said...

You crack me up! I am so sorry you have to deal with bad neighbors. Hopefully things will calm down. I can't imagine anyone not liking you guys though, so they must be crazy. Now I am dying to hear the story, is that too nosy to ask? Indiana's top-not is adorable. You have cute kids.

kate said...

we (h. rowley's tour group) ran into mr. springer at JFK on route to europe. i thought he looked short and sad. i think too much drama does that to people.

so i think your plan is good. pray for you. maybe even pray for them. then maybe some baked goods for you. and them?

so sorry you have ugliness to deal with. so glad you have such a tenderhearted lad to help you through it.

Rosalene Pacini said...

So sorry about your drama. But thanks for posting...it made my day:) Your kids are so darling. I really need to get to know them someday! When can we plan to meet up?:)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I do that sometimes. I think the last comment posted as Josh? Anyway, this is Rosie...and so was the last comment.

RSP said...

We should be better friends. Oh and also, Tyson says his perfect neighbor is the one he waves to but doesn't know their names. True story = we're the people who pull in the garage and shut the door before exiting the vehicle. 3 years in Arizona and I can't name a single person from our cul-de-sac. Not as easy when you have kids. And maybe a little harsh. I'm just going to label it "we're private people." That sounds ok right?

k. said...

I have a plan:

You write your stories (unfiltered, with details) & you'll be the biggest-newest internet sensation since that one girl who wears too much lipstick. You'll start getting gifts from all sorts of sponsors & have enough money that you can buy a private jet to visit your friends & loved ones as often as your sanity requires.

I'm a genius.

In the meantime, did I tell you that I discovered CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATO CHIPS at Trader Joe's the other day? I did. I'm sending you another box this week.

Love you.

k. said...

Also, tell Indie to teach me how to do a top knot. I'm a disaster.

Jill said...

This post makes me sad. And why am I just seeing it? Sorry you are in personal hell right now.

ps. I'm pretty sure I live less than a 1000 mi away. Rude. Not that you need a guilt trip right now or anything...

audrey said...

oh e...
sigh... those damn neighbors. do i need to drive back over there and give them a talkin' to??

but that's just the cherry on top, isn't it... bc moving is hard. even when you move to a beautiful place, it's hard. i've shed my own tears the past couple weeks. actually, now that i think about it, many tears. and writing this out makes me feel cheap bc it's via blog comment. i wish i could swing by and knock on your door, dragging my entourage. and we'd send them all downstairs. with gunther as nana, to keep watch like in peter pan. and you and i would curl in the couch corners and hash it all out. complain, laugh, vegg, drink tea, cry, complain some more...

life can be so hard one minute. and then the next minute, the hardness can feel so ridiculous. which isn't fair. bc when things get hard, we deserve to give them their full moment. we deserve at least a bit of wallow time. it's such a roller coaster.

sigh... zoom out, e. big picture. that's what i tell myself when i feel like it's all caving in. zoom out from the daily hum of elko. let's think big. and then we'll zoom back in and only let ourselves see the sweet details. and we'll cling to them. we'll make them matter.

i'm rambling... don't mind me. what i mean is that i love you and i wish i could make it all rosy for you. i wish i wish i wish.

go have a popsicle on the back porch. xoxo.

old me.