lion's mane.

iron & wine reminds me of winter in new york.  when we moved into 1667 york ave apt 3N in december of '08, the previous tenants left behind a burned copy of iron & wine's "creek drank the cradle."  we popped it in as we unpacked our lives into 800 square feet and put our 10 month old fox to bed every night in his bedroom with the brick wall.  it became the soundtrack to falling in love with my new life and new city and new friends.  i was seriously happy, and listening to that CD makes me feel like home (so thanks for leaving that behind, caitlin... do you need that CD back, BTW?).

this morning while chasing nekkid children and sort of feeling like a sorry sack, pandora spat out some iron & wine.  i'd forgotten about and how much i love those songs and how much i miss feeling like "home."  when will i stop talking about transition and dogs dying and blah blah blah?  when will i just settle the heck down and make this feel like home?  it's coming, i think; but for now iron & wine will help.  

and if it doesn't help, i have potty training to distract me.  girls are not easier.  you are all liars.

does anyone blog anymore?  did we all move to twitter?  did i miss the memo?  somebody better tell me, cos i still really like that gotye song, so it's obvious i'm totally clueless as to when something's been ridden till the wheels fell off.

things of note:


happy halloween, love the ninja from target and a cross between hello kitty and olivia (and i am once again recommitting to using my big camera more often)


as crafty as i got this year

and these are happening right now at my local kmart.  this picture may leave you confused and uneasy, so i'll break it down for you: acid-washed, destroyed, button-fly pajama pants with a drawstring.  the more i look at them the more i want to pull the trigger.  friends, i need fashion courage.


Carly said...

Still blogging over here. I know lots of folks that gave up on it (then again, they were never the die hards to begin with). Keep it up.

Savanna said...

Keep blogging, please! And if the trigger is pointed toward those acid-washes, I don't think that's a problem. I'll send you a pretty thing from DC.

Jill said...

I still love that Gotye song. But that really means nothing. If anything, that is an indication that it probably hasn't been playing on the radio for at least a year (do people still listen to the radio?). Oh, and Sean calls them "Go-Tie."

And I can't seem to let NYC go. I really can't. I've been listening to all the Christmas CD's that we exchanged at our last party we had together at the Egan's. I want to cry every time. I feel like there should be some sort of hotline to call. I mean, it's been 2 years since we moved. I wish I could have flashbacks of all the times I hated it there....but they somehow have officially been removed from my memory.

Buy those PJ's. If anything, they will make a fantastic white elephant gift. Or!! A really comfortable pair of pants to wear home from the hospital.

I'm now feeling like I should have just called you to have this conversation.

Jill said...

I think blogging is semi-dead. Mine flat-lined long ago. I do still love reading blogs for those that are still going strong, though. For me instagram is the new keep-in-touch. I love that I can send my mom a link to everything I have posted and she can see what we're up to as well.

Chelsi Lasater said...

sad face. hugs too. i will be praying for that homey feeling to envelop you.

as for blogging, the only reason i stopped was because i was too sick, then too depressed, then too pissed off at my life. there would've been an unacceptable number of expletives (yes, there is an acceptable number) and i would've scared a number of people. i plan to get right back in there soon. i have a draft of what happened the last 8 mo, i just have to get the strength to live through the flashbacks and finish it.

k. said...

See, Indie & I understand each other. She counts moles, I can't stop blogging. I don't care if no one even reads it - I do it for me, for a creative (using that term loosely) outlet, blah blah blah.

We already talked about home on the phone. But still. Sigh.

I'm loving Jill's hotline idea, except that I feel really lucky to get to call my nearest & dearest whenever I darn well please.


Heather said...

Greetings! I was hoping you could answer my quick question about your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

old me.