she calls it counting "carmoles."  every time she gets in nice and close for a snug, she starts grooming me like she's a mother ape looking for chiggers.  she has to touch every single mole on my face, neck and chest before she's satisfied.  last night, while scavenging for more carmoles, she attempted one of these


and got distracted by my chest and started tickling the baby's feet (aka my northern-most lady bits).  that's where i had to break up the party.


Jill said...

your chest is super distracting, I had a hard time taking my eyes off them this past weekend.

ps. i lol'd reading thing post.

Jill said...

there are so many typos/errors in my comment i can't even count them all. whatever.

Unknown said...

seriously made me LOL!

Corinne said...

Can we really blame her? Wait til she sees a baby macking down on them all day. Things get a little weird when 2 year olds start "nursing" their stuffed animals.

Alyson said...

Syd is obsessed with my moles too. She's also obsessed with boobs right now too. I'm quite sure a few people in my ward have seen the hoo-has as she's grabbed my shirt down for a sneak.

Please don't tell me this continues into the 3s...

old me.