compare and contrast.

feral hogs invade. that was the headline on tonight's local news. apparently the beasts are terrorizing my bedroom community nightly. first of all, what the what is a feral hog? and where in the world do these 400 pound dainties go during the day? a quarter ton animal? this is dallas, not the bayou.

matt put on his coat the other day and found a costco shopping list from six months ago. it went something like this:

toilet paper
fruit bites
fruit snacks
paper towels
wipes (if you can carry them)

and yesterday my friend melanie hipped me to the irony that two years ago, when i moved to new york, my favorite television show was gossip girl. now, fresh off a move to the big d, it's sister wives. (season two, tlc?)

feral hogs, indeed.


Abbie said...

we've switched!

how's the 3rd ward? they love you, i'm sure.

k. said...

You're a stronger person for having lived in and conquered new york. Or at least you'll always have an especially strong and unusual appreciation for your trunk.

Feral hogs?? Sounds scarier than bed bugs.

Savanna said...

i think i recognize your kitchen chairs... ikea? if that's correct, i bought a blue one (same style) for my room. good taste, i guess! can't wait to see you and the fam!

Anonymous said...

Why do you love "sister wives" so much? Polygamy is degrading to women. Women in Polygamy swallow their feelings constantly, doesn't seem like a healthy or respectful relationship to me. Those poor women probably grew up being told that polygamy is right, and if they feel otherwise they should "rub off their raw edges" and be okay with it. It's actually really sad. I can't understand why you like watching the degradation of women, or why you would want this show to keep airing?

Jill said...

sister wives is awesome. the special last night kick A.

old me.