"mom, thank you for cleaning my poop off the floor."

the kid has manners. you've gotta give him that.

i like nesting. i dislike pirating weak internet connections.
i really like sister wives. i dislike missing two episodes last night.
i like not sitting in a car for 14 hours. i dislike mosquitos. and i highly dislike stomach flu.
i like the bounty of texas freeways. nay, i love the bounty of texas freeways.
i like it here.


Scott & Lindsay said...

i happy you is happy. muah!

Jill said...

i think i would like this place you call dallas. maybe we will move there.

Paige M. said...

oh erin, i am so glad you like it! but i have one dislike too..... i dislike that you left! we are missing the burton's pretty badly!

noelle said...

yesss. i love fox. i love when you blog. and i especially love that we will be in the same state in about, ohhh... 9 months. long enough to have another baby by the time i get there, erinita. interested?

Abby said...

Erin, I like sister wives too and I have not missed an episode becasue I DVR it!! I will give you the low down on it if you need!!

k. said...

He had such good manners.

I'm looking at NYC - Dallas tickets tomorrow (today). Let's do this.

old me.