i'm on a boat.


hi. this is me on a boat. but is is a linking verb, so technically i guess i should say, "this is i on a boat," right? but that just sounds gross. somebody help me out here.


mjb and i went on a vacation, ALONE, TOGETHER, and we drove this around for a while:


renting your own personal tuk-tuk is the only way to travel. very bueno. and i slept for a solid eight hours for the first time in well over a year. that's so true it's not even funny. and it was very nice to be reminded that i really love the person i married. i'm happy to report that i think we're gonna make it.

but i missed thing one and thing two awful fierce.



indie basically blossomed into a preteen while i was away; just look at her cindy lou who teeth. bless her little soul, she's got me to thank for her chicklet grill. and fox literally went from two to three while i was gone. i have motherly guilt over that, and today my little man challenged every ounce of authority i once had over him just to thank me for my neglectful absence. i'm sorry. uncle. never again. to the interwebs: i'll trade you my suntan in exchange for loads of patience... anyone?


hilary said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to go! Still can't get over how grown up indie looks. And fox, for that matter. Miss you. Come to LR for your next vacation!

Ashlee said...

So fun!!! good for you guys!!!

Jill said...

you are back!! im so happy you had a vacation, sans kids. i can't wait to experience that someday. i'm sure you missed the kiddies, but was it worth it? just text me. you know how we do.

Jill said...

Alright. I know I'm obsessed with your daughter, probably because of my girl, but she really could not be more darling. I love her teeth, her hair, etc. etc. I'm so GLAD you had a good boat trip with Matt. You two are gonna make it, and make it big. Hope your preteen didn't get smothered today.

Sally said...

Just remember how much you missed them, and focus on that feeling :)

That's awesome that you went on vacay--that's going on my to-do list, for after we are outta debt...meaning, maybe never?? ha! Not funny though. But seriously, that's nice--where did y'all go? How are you liking living in TX again?

k. said...

Two of my favorite photos of your Fox & Indie, ever. Although I still just can't get over how BIG Fox is. Because I guess I haven't seen him in like 9 months (sad).

Cannot wait to visit, cannot wait to visit.

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

I can't get over how gorgeous Indie is. Wow. We really need to have our breakfast in the city. a.s.a.p.

mb said...

i love that pic of indie --- so so sweet.

I'll trade you the suntan....though I guess I'm not all that patient so it would only really be a win for me....I'm ok with it if you are.

noelle said...

Have you promised indie to others yet? Because I'd like to propose that one of my boys comes knocking at your door. I'll do my best to dial down their grody before appropriate dating age. Luke might even quit having potty accidents by the time he's 18. It's a nightly prayer.

brenley said...

yay! how fun! you guys so deserved that after all that traveling and well, after all that school, too!

glad you had fun!

old me.