a big to-do.

i went to the costco photo center tonight to pick up an order.  and after the woman behind the desk had looked for my order for five minutes, it hit me that i actually never placed my order at all, i had just made it all up in my head.  that's full blown crazy right there.  epic-levels-of-stress-on-all-fronts-induced crazy.  either that or being 31 is going to be a lot uglier than i had thought.  and i'm trying really, really hard to not park my kids in front of pbs for the next few days while i try to cross stuff off my list, but when i encourage imaginative free-play, they invite the clothes on the bottom rung of my closet to play along.


i mean, uncle.  this one's waiting till tomorrow.

we all get stressed out.  it's nothing new.  a little breakdown, a good ugly-cry and this trailer of wonderful things to come made my situation a bit more manageable (i have missed thee, wes anderson, with your 'from above' shots and perfect symmetry):


Savanna said...

gee, maybe fox and indie have been playing in my closet too. i know, how about you place a photo order at the orlando costco while i take those little'uns to the pool or somesing. they need to know their aunt savanna a little better!!

k. said...

Q & I watched the same episode of Curious George today approximately 17 times. And when I say "we", I mean that he pounded on my head with various toys while I watched it, trying to WILL him to watch it. Sigh.

I guess that doesn't really have anything to do with your post.

But I really wish I couldn't come over & help put your closet back in order. I might lose a little bit of sleep over that tonight.

Rica said...

I miss you! I wish WISH I was there and somehow I think everything would brighten up for both of us...

Jill said...

"he does watercolors. mainly landscapes, but a few nudes." this is really an all-star cast. why have i never heard of or seen this? please tell me more.

i've come to the conclusion that you really are too cool to be my friend. i don't listen to cool music, read cool books or know about all the new cool indie flicks that are coming out. i'm sorry i don't have more to offer in our friendship.

and if it makes you feel any better... wyatt and jude destroy my closet on a daily basis. in fact, i think i have this exact picture on my phone somewhere.

lots of love to you, friend. hope you week gets better.

mandalynette said...

have mercy! your poor closet...breathe, manda, breathe. i may be experiencing a bit of an anxiety attack. did you get my birthday message? i hope so, and i hope you had a great day!

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