how in the world did i end up in northeastern nevada?  six months ago matt and i were looking for homes in north texas.  matt hasn't worn business casual since april.  i'm shaking my head.  and have i ever told you how deathly afraid of UFOs i am?  it's been a problem since my childhood, and had you told childhood erin that she would be living in middle of nowhere nevada, on the edge of town, with area 51 down the road she probably would have wet her pants and wandered completely off the reservation (PC?).

but things are fine; things are good actually.  we don't have many friends yet, but so far that's nothing that a DQ blizzard now and then can't fix.  we have some great neighbors.  and then there are the neighbors who have a dog named lucifer, which, in a name, ironically sums up their role in the neighborhood quite accurately.

owning a home is an extremely expensive adventure.  and putting in a sprinkler system/deck/patio/yard/fence is about as fun (and forty times as expensive) as a root canal.  and it's a little weird to feel homesick in your own house.  my heart still aches a little bit for dallas, which i know is normal and doesn't go away overnight.  but i think i'm mostly anxious to feel like i belong somewhere again.  it would really help if elko got a target.

and, after a three-month-long battle between mother and daughter, indiana has reluctantly submitted her will and once again succumbed to the hallowed afternoon nap.  point: me; but credit due: the sweet thing has the will of forty wild horses.  no idea where she got that from.  

naptime naptime1


Talia Jensen said...

target would be nice! glad you settling in. derek and i may just have to pay you a visit in the near future. and as for the aliens... im a real fan!

Lindsey Walker said...

I know what you mean about your heart aching for Dallas! We miss it there! Hope all is well for you in your new home and you are adjusting well. Where did you get the curtains for Indie's room? They are really cute.

Holly said...

You should start an email campaign to Target...tell them Elko is in DESPERATE need.
And it's totally understandable to be homesick...even in your very own house. I think wherever you live, you leave behind bits of your heart and it hurts when you have moments when you realize that you're missing those pieces.

As far as the UFO's...just don't watch any alien movies for the next little while. Or ever.

kate said...

such lovely pictures you take though. that should cheer you up. all i can say is, i feel your pain. and at least target online has way more selection. i am looking forward to before and after pictures of your projects, you always do things so stylishly.

mb said...

Dear EB,

do me a favor and go to Dairy Queen and order their slushie float, I don't actually know if that is what it is called but it's like a root beer float but instead of root beer they use whatever flavor slushie you want. It just might be my favorite summer time treat.

It's ridiculous how much I crave it.

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

Erin, I totally know how you feel about being homesick in your own home. Living overseas can obviously make you feel that way, but I've always said that I could easily feel that way if I lived in the middle of nowhere USA. You may not need Elko, but maybe Elko needs you! Give 'em all you got, girl! Xo.

k. said...

Sweet Indie girl. I love her. And her fiery personality will serve her well in life, I'm sure of it.

Cannot believe she's in a BED. Pretty sure Q will be 5 before that happens.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your posts dearie! I laughed so hard, then my heart totally ached for you (seeing as I'm going through the same! sans the DQ dang it..) But all that being said, I am SO glad you have an awesome sense of humor about it all, you are such a supportive wife, an awesome mom, & I'm sure the friends will come along.. although I can't promise how "normal" they will be coming from Elko.. ;) Best wishes to you E!! I will be thinking of you & sending my positive vibes!! Xo

Jill said...

The nap battle, ahghghhh. I am glad she finally relented and that you held your ground. It's not easy. Jane sees it my way on most days... other days she is in bed by 7.

I sometimes feel that homesick feeling for places I have never been.

old me.