role play.


nothing brings a parent greater satisfaction than watching the two little creatures that you created playing so well together. and nothing gives a parent greater blog fodder than when the two creatures decide to imitate life...

as indie was walking around pregnant with her stuffed giraffe (named Boss--"giraffe" in indie speak) down her pajamas, fox declared: "i'm gonna go watch some football in the tent, cos i'm the dad."


f: "indie, you're worn out of the kids cos they've been with you too much. i'll take care of Boss and Elmo while you go do some errands. errands are when you need to do some shopping."

i: "okay. goodbye! go go!" and then she ran downstairs to jump on the furniture, her interpretation of getting a pedicure, i suppose.


f: "indie, let's watch some boring shows that grown-ups watch."


and then there's gunther...


if there's a patch of sunlight anywhere in the house, he's not much good for anything else but soaking it up.  and this fisheye lens did nothing for his backside.


k. said...

There are too many parts of awesomeness in this post.

And your fish eye lens! Super fun! Good job, Matt(hew).

Jill said...

This was amazing. Fox is so smart. And I can't wait for when you and Indie get to go out and have real pedi's together. She might be pleasantly surprised to find out that it's much more relaxing than jumping on the couch.

Talia Jensen said...

your children are the best! and i love how you decorated their room. may i ask where one would find such cute striped curtains?

Anonymous said...

how awesomely adorable is this post :) your kiddos are so cute! and if that is what your kids imitate of you & matt, concern, love, happiness.. well, life is *good :) great family, erin :)

Net said...

gotta love the innocence/brutal honesty.
my dad always said nursery was the most exposing calling in the ward -- about the ward, that is. there's not much a 3-yr old won't tell you for the sake of another graham cracker ;)

old me.